Work to Weekend, Fall to Winter

I need to warn everyone up front that I am H&M obesessed.

Now that that’s over with, I just have to share some of my fav new fall fashions from the king’s of retail:

Vintage cut and colour add sophistication. Perfect for work from fall to winter to spring. Change the colour of tights, from boots to flats, and voila, you have a whole new outfit to fit the season!

This men's military style jacket adds that "extra special" element to make you really stand out from the typical sea of black and brown coats. The scarf is an added bonus.

Sweater dresses are great for work and the weekend. Classic stripes will never go out of style. The burgundy 70's inspired hat is so "in" right now!

I love the layered T's underneath the country knit - I could easily slip right into his stylish arms!

Ah H&M, you never cease to please me.

Who wants to go shopping now?