SC: 2012 – Harbour Town & Savannah

Hey ya’ll!

Sorry for the back tracking, but we have been busy little bees.

On January 1st, the golfers went out to the Harbour Town Golf Club. This course is the creme-de-la-creme of courses on the island.

It has been featured many times on the PGA tour and, apparently, was extremely nice to play, if just a tich difficult.

As for the rest of us bums, we spent a majority of the day on the couch watching Storage Wars. Later in the afternoon we ventured into Harbour Town, played around a bit, and paid the $3.50 to climb up the famous lighthouse into the famous lighthouse gift shop.

Our timing couldn’t have been better because we were able to watch our golfers finish off the 18th hole of the course from above. It was very cool.

View of the 18th green from the top of the lighthouse - recognize anyone?

Johnny loves the boats & live oak trees 🙂

For dinner, we ate at a Japanese restaurant called Kurama’s, where they cook the food right in front of you.

Our chef did tonnes of cool tricks and the food was juuuust incredible. It was a little bit pricey but well worth it because it’s dinner and a show. I highly recommend it to anyone visiting Hilton Head.

Everyone was pretty tired out from the night before so we stayed in and watched a movie, and rested up for the day ahead.

The next day was kind of a write off. It was pretty chilly but the golfers still went out. Johnny and me went for a bike ride and explored a bit more of what we could, did a little shopping, watched a few more episodes of storage wars.

That night, we met up with Jane’s good friends Vic and Lois from New Joisey, ahem, I mean Jersey… They are a riot. We all went to a sports bar called Casey’s and ate lots of fried food. MMmmmMMMmm Good.

Yesterday, was Savannah day. Yesterday was also the coldest day of our entire trip. A lady working in Savannah told us they only get two days of real winter down here, and this was one of them. Hooray for us.

We bundled up and tried not to let it damper our spirits. We began with a hop-on-hop-off tour with the Historic Savannah company. Our tour guide, Jim, was a local, had owned a bed and breakfast, and knew everything about the city. He talked as if he was alive during the Civil War and gave us lots of facts and personal opinions, all delivered with true Southern Charm. He was friends with one of Paul Dean’s sons, and remembers being a regular at her first restaurant. He also remembers when Jim Williams was accused of murder and had lived through Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. I got to see the Mercer-Williams house, which I am quite happy about having one of my favourite books truly come to life.

We had lunch at the Goose Fathers Cafe, the original home of the whoopee pie!

Food was fresh, fast, affordable and deeeelicious!!

We stopped at the Telfer Museum and got to see the famous Bird Girl statue. We also went to the famous Savannah honey store, antique stores and of course, River Street. Our only disappointment was the weather and that we didn’t have more time. This is one city I cannot wait to return to.

As for today, we visited Harbour Town again and did some more shopping. The last day of a vacation is always a little sad. I am going to miss the sunshine and sweater/t-shirt weather. Big time.

Next, we played Pirate’s Island Mini Putt Putt!

It was a really neat course made up of two 18 hole courses, either over or under the waterfall.

Soon we are going for our last dinner on Hilton Head Island.  The last day is always the hardest, especially with the Canadian weather forecast in mind.  We are leaving at 4am tomorrow, and nobody’s looking forward to the drive.

We cannot thank Jane enough for inviting us to her sweet little condo and showing us the ropes.  I also want to shout out right now that she rents out this condo – so if you are looking for an amazing location and great rates on HH, please contact me and I will connect you with her!

Hope you have enjoyed my little travel edition on the ol’ blog log.  I sure have.

See you back in the real world.

I can hear the old Southern trees whisperin’ to me, “ya’ll come back now, ya hear!”

Oh, I hear.





















Welcome back ya’ll.

Hope you’re having a happy 2012. For now, I need to backtrack to the day before the New Year.  Sorry there aren’t more pictures but the good ones were taken on regular cameras and we don’t have the cords to put them on the computer.


The regular golfing foursome golfed Hilton Head National and had a grand ol’ time.

As for the others, they hung out and recovered from the previous night out. As for Johnny and I, we decided to go kayaking. Unofrtunately, I don’t have any pictures from that because I took my waterproof camera and not my iPhone. We did a 2 hour tour that was a loop of some of the canals through Palmetto Dunes. We shared a two person kayak and bickered a lot due to my fear of gators and his dream to see a gator. It’s not that I don’t want to see a gator, it’s that being in a small tipy kayak is not my first choice for an ecounter.

Later that night, Jane made us a delicious spread of orderves and we played, yes again, mexican train. We got all dolled up and headed over to Mrs. Rouses’, an island local whose in her early seventees and just happens to own a multi million dollar estate. When we showed up, she was dressed in a gold sequin dress, and thrilled at the fact that we brought her over Johnny and Brad as “presents.” She was a blast to be with and we had a great time.

At about 10:30 we got back on the road and headed to the Electric Piano. It is one of the most popular bars in Hilton Head, and although had a more “mature” crowd, we all managed to have a bllllasst. There was a band on stage made up two large Southerners who totally rocked out.

And, surprise surprise, some of us decided to get up on stage and rock on.

And on…

It was a party that carried on until the wee hours of the morning, and us Canadian’s closed the bar, welcoming 2012 qith smiles, dancing, songs and lots of laughs.

Welcome 2012 🙂

(PS.  I am now going to be a day behind.  Until next time…)

SC: Island Hopper

Day 5


Early in the morning, we made a break for it and headed for Daufuskie Island.   We hopped on a ferry that showed us the river view of Hilton Head Island, and all of the insanely large houses.  A highlight being the massive estate owned by the guy who invented the patent for the metal strip on the back of credit cards.  Let’s just say his boat parked out front is probably bigger than your house.  No joke.


On the island, we ate a buffet lunch that came included with our tickets at the Old Daufusckie Crab Company.  In the true Southern fashion, you had a choice of fried chicken, breaded pork chops, collard greens, macaroni and cheese, rolls, grits, corn, and beans.  Yes, you will notice crab was not one of the choices.  It was pretty disappointing considering the name of the restaurant and the pictures on the brochure, but the food included was still pretty good.  The atmosphere left much to be desired, but it is an island with very few vehicles, unless you count golf carts, so I guess you can’t have everything.

We picked up our map and six-person golf cart and headed to tour the place.

It feels very ghostly driving down the nearly deserted space.

Now, here are some FUN FACTS FOR YA:

It used to be inhabited by natives over ten thousand years ago, and then later, in the 1500’s, the Spanish inhabited it while it was part of Florida.  In the 1600’s, indigo and cotton plantations were started when the English gained ownership of South Carolina.  Eventually, during the Civil War, The Union took over and freed all the slaves, so the island became mainly populated by the Gullah people.  Because the island was so isolated, unlike the rest of South Carolina, the Gullah culture was left alive and they were able to keep up the old African traditions.


Actually, you don’t, because I’m not finished yet!

We stopped at the old school-house that is now a museum.

We also stopped at an old graveyard that is seriously creepy.

The unmarked graves were especially disturbing.

We also saw some really cool trees.  This oak is probably over 500 years old.

Next we headed into the marsh…  One of the most hidden treasures the island can offer…  Welcome to…


This place is quite the dive, and the bathrooms basically unusable; however, one bite of the Seafood Chowder and a sip of the signature Marshside Mamas, (featuring over 5 types of rum and, apparently, some juice too) I was sold.

Needless to say I would love to go back to Marshside Mama’s, and could see myself camping out for the weekend.

After more touring, we headed back for the boat trip back to Hilton Head.

And then, it was happy hour.

We went to the Old Oyster Factory, just about 5 minutes away from the marina.  $.50 cent oysters and jumbo shrimp and $1.50 off all drinks.

Martini’s and oysters and shrimp, oh my!

Holy moly what a spread!

At home, we played more Mexican Train with the others.   Later in the evening, Jane took Johnny, Brad and me to the XO Lounge at the Hilton, where we shared some cosmos while a band played some good rock and roll music.

Jane and I took our leave but left the boys who had some grand adventures that they can’t seem to recall clearly.  Hmmm…

‘Twas a grand adventure!

I would just like to shout out a big HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone!

I probably won’t have time to post until much later tomorrow or the next day because we are heading to Harbour Town where some are playing golf, and some are hittin’ up the shops and the famous Salty Dog Cafe.

See ya’ll in 2012!

SC: Four!

Day Fooooouuuuurr!!!

First things first, time to get preppy:

All eight of us set out in the early afternoon to play a best ball, boys against girls, at Rose Hill Golf Club just a little ways off of the island.


The Boys


The Girls


The Pro

Although, we did spend a lot of time just hanging around…



The girls played hard and celebrated many birdies and one grand eagle!


However, I can’t deny that that boys beat us by one stroke.

We’ll get you next time…


SC: The Swing of Things

Day Three

After a good night sleep, we all woke up and Dad and Jane made us all bacon, eggs and english muffins.  Yum yum yum.

We then broke into two groups: the golfers and the bikers.

The Golfers

We biked for over two hours, all through Palmetto Dunes and down the beach.

Johnny got to see his first ocean and he even tasted the salt water!

We got to see all the massive mansions throughout the community, and I still cannot get over all the different palm trees. It’s almost like the houses are going to be overgrown with vegetation if they were even left vacant for a day.  The bike trails are really nice too, lots of little hills and turns and the path is very well taken care of and wide, it makes for an easy ride. (ha that’s a rhyme!).

The golfers played at Golden Bear.  The course was nice.  They saw not one, but two alligators.  Dad says he kicked butt, but obviously not enough, because Olivia won.  However, Jarrett held his own coming in a close third, while Jane was the caboose.  There are lots more games to be played though, so lots of time for comebacks.

Tha Big Weiiinners

Afterwards, we all gathered and played Mexican Train until we headed out for supper.  We dined at Pazzo, and authentic Italian restaurant.  It had dim lights and a very warm atmosphere.  Our waitress was really nice and the food was even nicer. The bread that came out on the table was one of the highlights, moist and buttery, and the oil to dip was flavoured with lots of garlic and herbs a nice change from balsamic vinegar.   Dad selected two well bodied bottles of red wine to go with our meals. I ordered an antipasti sampler, which included bruchetta, calamari and some other fried cheese things that I forget the name of but were absolutely delicious. I also munched on mussels and clams from Dad’s plate.   For the main event, I had Eggplant Parmesan that was served on top of spaghetti and covered in ooey-gooey-cheesy-goodness.  All around the table, the food was well received.  Pazzo is a gem of a restaurant.

After dinner we came back to Palm Moon and, as Johnny would say (or maybe LMFAO, depending who you ask), we “party rocked.

Party Rockin' in the Dunes Tonight

SC: Rain, Rise & Shine

Day Two


We arrived to the Pale Moon condo in Palmetto Dunes gated community around 7:30AM yesterday.  Let me tell you, it was a looooong drive.  A bit cramped, and not much sleep happened, but we made it in one piece.  We lounged around and re-grouped ourselves for a few hours in the beautifully decorated condo.  The pale blues, yellows and beiges, calming us easily.  It was raining outside anyway so we didn’t feel rushed to do much of anything.

The rain stopped around 10, and we woke ourselves up, the sun began to shine, and we decided it was time to go shopping.

Not before first admiring the palm trees…

The island is full of vegetation even though it is winter time.  Tonnes of tall old trees and an abundance of golf courses.  Just about 15 minutes away from Palm Moon, there are two massive outlet malls called Tanger One and Tanger Two.

The only problem was deciding which stores to go to…

Hint: We didn’t actually have a problem deciding where to go to.  And we also found LOTS of good deals.  Personally, I couldn’t resist purchasing some new flip-flops to fit in with the sunshine.  Afterwards, we headed back for some refreshments and munchies before dinner.

Around 7PM we went to Wild Wing – a restaurant that boasts over 50 different wing flavours.  The bar was packed and there was a 40 minute wait, but we decided that the wait was alright as soon as we found out we could order buckets ‘o beer.

For the main event, we ordered two platters of 10 different kinds of wings, some including Flaming Parmesan, Garlic! Garlic! Garlic!, Mesquite, and Ol’ Yeller (honey-mustard).  We also ordered some  delish Spinach dip and Buffalo Blue Cheese Chips, Red Dragon shrimp skewers, and Dad and I split some of the most amaaazing Baja Fish Tacos, so good, even Johnny liked them!

After pulling pretty much all-nighters in the truck ride, most of us had no problem falling into a deep, calming and resting sleep, dreaming about all the fun in the sun yet to come.

SC: Seventeen & A Half Hours Later

We begin 17 and a half hours before South Carolina. Everyone has had a very Merry Christmas. It feels good to be on the road again. However, this is a very different trip from my last. Instead of embarking on a solo adventure, this is a good ol’ fashioned family vacation. My sister Olivia, Dad, Johnny, Jane and me are driving down together in a giant sized pick-up truck, and meeting up with Jane’s daughter Kate, Jarret and Brad, who flew to Jane’s condo at Hilton Head Island this morning.

It is with very full bellies that we set out at 2:30PM today (December 26, 2011); the rational being that we can make it to HH by 8AM to play golf. Yes, golf.

For those of you who don’t know, part of my family is golf obsessed. Me, not so golf obsessed. (I’m much more in the lines on clothing obsessed). I am writing this in the car as we go along, so you won’t get to read this until tomorrow morning. Please enjoy the chronicles that follow.

Buffalo in Buffalo

We crossed the boarder at Fort Erie with no problems, stopped at the Duty Free and picked up some liquor, notably, BAKON vodka (for Caesars, or Bloody Mary’s as they call ‘em in the US of A).

Bring on the BaKon

Dad has made us an array of sandwiches for the drive, all labeled with sticky notes as to the contents. And it’s a good thing too, because one label reads “peanut butter, banana, and cheese whiz.” Yummy!

Yes folks, I think that’s the kind of trip it’s going to be: a smorgasbord of nuts, bananas and lots of cheese.



Happy Friday Everyone!

For a lot of you out there (me too!), today probably marks the last day of work before the holidays.


I just wanted to let ya’ll know that my posts are about to take a little turn into a new topic…


Perhaps some of you followed my other blog, Hannahs in Europe, whell, From Dec 26-Jan 6(ish), I will be going on a family filled adventure to South Carolina!

Because I will only be gone for such a short amount of time, instead of creating a third blog, which would have been called “Hannahs in South Carolina,” I am just going to post about my experiences here.  Yippeee!

So I hope ya’ll won’t mind if I come back with a Southern accent.  It’s gon’ be fun.

…In the mean time, I hope you all have a FABULOUS holiday weekend.

Enjoy & Indulge & Have A Merry Christmas!