Leather Fear, #PD13 is Here

Whose superstitious out there? Today must be your lucky day!

Well, obviously today holds a bit of bad luck as it has finally decided to snow in Norfolk County. Guess I spoke too soon…

Anyone who has heard of Port Dover has probably heard of Friday the 13th. If not, let me enlighten you:

On all Friday the 13th’s, it has been a tradition since 1981 for bikers from allll over to gather in the beachy town and show off their rides. (This includes Hells Angels). In summer months, this becomes a celebration of thousands and thousands of people. Today, however, I’m not quite sure how many bikers will fair out in the snow. Check out this website if you want to learn more about PD13.

Snow or no snow, I foresee busy bars tonight despite the lack of motorcycles, and I foresee it as a leather-filled dodgy-denim rocker-hair affair.

Just for some fun – it is FRIDAY after all – I’ve picked out some runway looks that could be totally biker-chic.

Balenciaga Pre-Fall 2012

Balenciaga Pre-Fall 2012

Alice & Olivia Pre-Fall 2012

Alice & Olivia Pre-Fall 2012

Alexander McQueen - Spring RTW

Now I don’t just foresee, but I absolutely guarantee high fashion does not come into play in Dover. If you are heading out tonight, you can expect to see something that looks much more like this:

Image via Nasty Gal

Plus, tights, a few more layers, mittens, hats and tall boots…

As for me, there’s a good chance I’ll be busting out my leather shorts… So watch out!


What would you wear to a biker-fest extraordinaire?



As a continuation from yesterday, please enjoy our 2011 Halloween costumes!  Once again, we have to thank Value Village, or as I like to call it, the V-V Boutique, for most of the costume pieces.

Andy Warhol & Edie Sedgewick

Around this time last year, I became obsessed with the movie Factory Girl.

If people hadn’t seen the movie, they weren’t really sure what we were.  I think we made quite a cute pair anyway!

“Wasting money puts me in a real party mood.”

Isn’t he a cute blonde?

Andy Warhol is basic: striped high collar shirt, and plain khaki pants, if you’re blonde already, great.  If not, the blonde wig was only $10 from the V-V Boutique.  Finishing touch: sunglasses, found lying around the apartment.

“You’re the boss, applesauce.”

Edie Sedgwick is alllllll about the make-up.  A plain slightly oversized striped shirt, dance tights, and black 60s style heals.  I also found a great vintage coat that went to the floor with leopard print accents – perfect for bar hopping on a cold Hallows eve.  Johnny actually made my earings from an old necklace by bending the wires together.  I was also lucky because my hair cut happened to match hers… a wig works too.


“It takes a lot of work to figure out how to look so good.”

Again, pretty original costumes that are SO easy to put together.

Happy Halloweening 🙂

On a side note:

If you happen to be in Norfolk County this weekend, come out to Port Dover at The Brig.

From 9-10pm come see the debut performance of my new band, Wild Vines!

Opening for The Allnighters and Folk Heroes from Space.

It’s going to be a wild costume party – hope to see you there!!!