SC: The Swing of Things

Day Three

After a good night sleep, we all woke up and Dad and Jane made us all bacon, eggs and english muffins.  Yum yum yum.

We then broke into two groups: the golfers and the bikers.

The Golfers

We biked for over two hours, all through Palmetto Dunes and down the beach.

Johnny got to see his first ocean and he even tasted the salt water!

We got to see all the massive mansions throughout the community, and I still cannot get over all the different palm trees. It’s almost like the houses are going to be overgrown with vegetation if they were even left vacant for a day.  The bike trails are really nice too, lots of little hills and turns and the path is very well taken care of and wide, it makes for an easy ride. (ha that’s a rhyme!).

The golfers played at Golden Bear.  The course was nice.  They saw not one, but two alligators.  Dad says he kicked butt, but obviously not enough, because Olivia won.  However, Jarrett held his own coming in a close third, while Jane was the caboose.  There are lots more games to be played though, so lots of time for comebacks.

Tha Big Weiiinners

Afterwards, we all gathered and played Mexican Train until we headed out for supper.  We dined at Pazzo, and authentic Italian restaurant.  It had dim lights and a very warm atmosphere.  Our waitress was really nice and the food was even nicer. The bread that came out on the table was one of the highlights, moist and buttery, and the oil to dip was flavoured with lots of garlic and herbs a nice change from balsamic vinegar.   Dad selected two well bodied bottles of red wine to go with our meals. I ordered an antipasti sampler, which included bruchetta, calamari and some other fried cheese things that I forget the name of but were absolutely delicious. I also munched on mussels and clams from Dad’s plate.   For the main event, I had Eggplant Parmesan that was served on top of spaghetti and covered in ooey-gooey-cheesy-goodness.  All around the table, the food was well received.  Pazzo is a gem of a restaurant.

After dinner we came back to Palm Moon and, as Johnny would say (or maybe LMFAO, depending who you ask), we “party rocked.

Party Rockin' in the Dunes Tonight


SC: Rain, Rise & Shine

Day Two


We arrived to the Pale Moon condo in Palmetto Dunes gated community around 7:30AM yesterday.  Let me tell you, it was a looooong drive.  A bit cramped, and not much sleep happened, but we made it in one piece.  We lounged around and re-grouped ourselves for a few hours in the beautifully decorated condo.  The pale blues, yellows and beiges, calming us easily.  It was raining outside anyway so we didn’t feel rushed to do much of anything.

The rain stopped around 10, and we woke ourselves up, the sun began to shine, and we decided it was time to go shopping.

Not before first admiring the palm trees…

The island is full of vegetation even though it is winter time.  Tonnes of tall old trees and an abundance of golf courses.  Just about 15 minutes away from Palm Moon, there are two massive outlet malls called Tanger One and Tanger Two.

The only problem was deciding which stores to go to…

Hint: We didn’t actually have a problem deciding where to go to.  And we also found LOTS of good deals.  Personally, I couldn’t resist purchasing some new flip-flops to fit in with the sunshine.  Afterwards, we headed back for some refreshments and munchies before dinner.

Around 7PM we went to Wild Wing – a restaurant that boasts over 50 different wing flavours.  The bar was packed and there was a 40 minute wait, but we decided that the wait was alright as soon as we found out we could order buckets ‘o beer.

For the main event, we ordered two platters of 10 different kinds of wings, some including Flaming Parmesan, Garlic! Garlic! Garlic!, Mesquite, and Ol’ Yeller (honey-mustard).  We also ordered some  delish Spinach dip and Buffalo Blue Cheese Chips, Red Dragon shrimp skewers, and Dad and I split some of the most amaaazing Baja Fish Tacos, so good, even Johnny liked them!

After pulling pretty much all-nighters in the truck ride, most of us had no problem falling into a deep, calming and resting sleep, dreaming about all the fun in the sun yet to come.