Canadiana, Eh!

Remember that?

Well, that inspiration turned into this, my Canadiana bedroom!


Welcome, eh : )


Make an entrance…


Here, kitty, kitty…

Put in new laminate grey flooring.

(Replaced bright pink carpet!)


Took an old Ikea dresser and attached birch branches as thrifty handles.

(Great idea mom!)


Take a right turn and you will find the world!

Quilt made by my Nan, many years ago.

(Incorporates all the colours of the room together.)

Classroom map that, once upon a time, was used at my old high school.

Armoire love affair:

Purchased at the Antique Market in Waterford.

(Originally made in Montreal).

Painted, “key” knobs from Stratford, & filled to the brim with all my favourite clothes.

Vintage butter box.

Old barn farm door as headboard.

Side tables found on the road, repainted red.

Good as new!

Wake up in the morning:

A-OK kinda day!

This above all; to thine own self be true.

You maybe can’t tell, but my shirt says,

“Love that beaver.’

No joke.

And now, time to curl up with a good book.

Vintage is the new modern.

Don’t you think?


Why It’s So Easy Being Green

Living in a world that has become consumed with technology, it may give us reason to think that “being green” could become a lost cause.  Yet, technology has given us so many outlets to become more ecologically responsible.  Bills, schedules, and even airline tickets can now be accessed paperless.   The Internet and television have made us more connected and globally aware of products available to help protect the environment in every aspect of our lives.

In the home especially, you can now choose a range of products that will help sustain the environment, while still providing beautiful, sleek and modern finishes.  The Home Depot has a link on their website ( to a section called “Eco Options,” where you can easily locate the product type you are looking for, from flooring to appliances to décor, there is a way you can help manage your carbon footprint.  But the green initiative doesn’t stop at technology and interior/exterior design.

Almost all major grocery stores have become more eco-friendly as well.  By providing large reusable bags/bins, made out of recycled materials and typically costing $1, consumers are given a convenient eco-option.  And even if you do forget your reusable bags at home, you will be charged 5 cents per plastic bag, which have also become noticeably larger in order to try and reduce the volume of plastic bags and encourage the purchase of reusable ones.  The food itself has taken on the green trend; growing organic crops and eating green foods like avocado, broccoli, spinach, and kale are all the buzz with regards to keeping good health and a healthy planet.

The trend of being environmentally friendly has transpired into the fashion world as well.  For example, H&M has created the “Conscious Collection.” It is H&M’s “action for a more sustainable fashion future.”  This collection uses greener materials such as organic cotton and recycled polyester.  Originally the campaign came out in April 2011, and the colour scheme was mainly different shades of white and muted earth tones.  However, one year later, they are still producing the collection but have amped up the colour pallet.  Walking into the store this season, you will be bombarded—literally—with everything green. Emerging mainly in pastel and mint, but with occasional pops of emerald, green is popping up all over the fashion world and the colour is going to be a huge trend this spring.

So maybe it was the resurgence of Kermit the Frog, or maybe it’s because being eco-conscious has spanned to every outlet of our lives, but I am happy to say that it’s never been so easy being green.

(This article was originally written by me for and published in the March 2012 issue.) 


Did everyone have a good weekend?  I did!

Last night, I was relaxing, watching CTV’s new show, Once Upon A Time, when I spied with my little eyes an office design that is oh-so-sublime.

Although being inside of it for long periods of time might have a dizzying effect, it’s fun to look at in pictures; not to mention an extremely fitting setting for the evil Queen to reside in.

It got me thinking about how much I enjoy birch tree prints.  Lately, I have been seeing it everywhere and wishing I had a place in my own home to wallpaper.  Sigh, someday.

I think it is tricky to pull off, but when done right – wowwy-wow-wowwww – does it make a statement.

Check out these birchin’ design ideas:

This room is totally over-the-top,  it is a fairy tale set after all.  I love how the entire room is black white and symmetrical all over – it’s frighteningly modern.

Evil Queen's Office from the Once Upon A Time Set

Not brave enough to wallpaper an entire room?  Or maybe you just can’t afford wallpaper? Small accents like this organizer are the perfect solution.

Organizer from This Next

This chair is stunning.  My mom has a set of wingback chairs I am just dying to reupholster with this pattern.  So chic.

Chair from Design Sponge

A cozy cabin feel, birch on the bed is a nice, relatively neutral touch.  I think it would work well in any colour pallet.

Bedding from Pottery Barn

What a creative and simple wall accent for the high ceilings in this modern attic apartment.  Really draws the eye upwards.

Staircase from Design Sponge

Now this is ideal for a renter like me – small, cheap, mobile, goes with everything – not to mention elegantly functional.

Little Birch Tree Jewelry Stand from Urban Outfitters

Will you try adding some birch trees to your space?  In what form?

Eat-In Kitchen from Design Sponge

All in all, I think the birch pattern is bitchin’, no matter how you use it.

I’d love to read your comments!

Knobs For Hire

“Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” – William Morris

Seems like a good goal to strive for…

One issue that we have in our little house is that our entry way is also our dining room and kitchen, so we have very limited space to hang things.  Our coat rack is crammed into a corner so most of the stuff…keys, hats, sweaters, coats and the strange abundance of somebody’s purses, gets dumped onto the stair railings or counter or even chucked lazily on top of the stove.  Aesthetically, not very pleasing.

Below is a great “before and after” from my favourite interior design site, Design Sponge.  It seems like a fairly simple way to combine usefulness and creative antique style.

(To see the full “how-to” article, click here.)

Maybe I will try it one of these days…

Anyone have some knobs I can borrow?

Here It Goes Again

Hello dear readers, if you are out there.

After completeing my three month trip of Europe, and blog to boot, I am left wishing I could have continued on doing both; unfortunately, my funds no longer permit the traveling (until further notice).  Fortunately, there is nothing stopping me from creating a “proper” blog.  I say proper because I feel my last one was sloppy at times, and not nearly as fine tuned as I would have liked.  This being attributed to writing most of my posts on my tiny i-Phone screen.

So, here it goes, here it goes, here it goes again.

This time, I hope to bring you much more flaire.  Why vintage?  Personally, I have always been attracted to anything antqiue, and everything vintage, from the early medieval period right up to the swingin’ 60’s. I swear I was born in the wrong decade.

OMG, I almost forgot to mention vintage wine!

Hannah’s in Vintage is dedicated to creating a space where others meandering online can come for a vintage twist of inspiration dealing with a few of my favourite things: fashion, literature and other writing, interior design, and of course, food, glorious food!

As always, your comments are greatly appreciated.

Heart, Hannah.