In Vintage

Hello dear readers, if you are out there.

After completeing my three month trip of Europe, and blog to boot, I am left wishing I could have continued on doing both; unfortunately, my funds no longer permit the traveling (until further notice).  Fortunately, there is nothing stopping me from creating a “proper” blog.  I say proper because I feel my last one was sloppy at times, and not nearly as fine tuned as I would have liked.  This being attributed to writing most of my posts on my tiny i-Phone screen.

So, here it goes, here it goes, here it goes again.

This time, I hope to bring you much more flaire.  Why vintage?  Personally, I have always been attracted to anything antqiue, and everything vintage, from the early medieval period right up to the swingin’ 60′s. I swear I was born in the wrong decade.

OMG, I almost forgot to mention vintage wine!

Hannah’s in Vintage is dedicated to creating a space where others meandering online can come for a vintage twist of inspiration dealing with a few of my favourite things: fashion, literature and other writing, interior design, and of course, food, glorious food!

As always, your comments are greatly appreciated.

Heart, Hannah.


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