In Lit

There’s nothing like a good book.

In fact, I enjoy books so much, I went to university and paid them to tell me what books to read and then to teach me about literature.  Yes, you are online with a Bachelor of Arts, Honours English Major.  Well, sort of…  I am actually just a Bachelor of General Arts (the title really looses its touch without the “honours”).  But, for three years, I was well on my way to getting my Honours; instead, I graduated early, got a day job, saved my money, and went to Europe for three months.  I couldn’t be happier about my decision.

On that fateful day I graduated, the first thing I did when I got home was, obviously, read a novel.  Even in Europe, I read (and hauled around) over ten books, and enjoyed them all.  Now that I don’t have classes to discuss literary theories, recurring themes, or historical and contemporary significance, I want to share my literary experiences here.  Reviews of good books, some of my favourite quotes, lyrics, short stories and poetry, and sometimes peices of my own writing.

Literature: the fun never ends.


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