SC: 2012 – Harbour Town & Savannah

Hey ya’ll!

Sorry for the back tracking, but we have been busy little bees.

On January 1st, the golfers went out to the Harbour Town Golf Club. This course is the creme-de-la-creme of courses on the island.

It has been featured many times on the PGA tour and, apparently, was extremely nice to play, if just a tich difficult.

As for the rest of us bums, we spent a majority of the day on the couch watching Storage Wars. Later in the afternoon we ventured into Harbour Town, played around a bit, and paid the $3.50 to climb up the famous lighthouse into the famous lighthouse gift shop.

Our timing couldn’t have been better because we were able to watch our golfers finish off the 18th hole of the course from above. It was very cool.

View of the 18th green from the top of the lighthouse - recognize anyone?

Johnny loves the boats & live oak trees 🙂

For dinner, we ate at a Japanese restaurant called Kurama’s, where they cook the food right in front of you.

Our chef did tonnes of cool tricks and the food was juuuust incredible. It was a little bit pricey but well worth it because it’s dinner and a show. I highly recommend it to anyone visiting Hilton Head.

Everyone was pretty tired out from the night before so we stayed in and watched a movie, and rested up for the day ahead.

The next day was kind of a write off. It was pretty chilly but the golfers still went out. Johnny and me went for a bike ride and explored a bit more of what we could, did a little shopping, watched a few more episodes of storage wars.

That night, we met up with Jane’s good friends Vic and Lois from New Joisey, ahem, I mean Jersey… They are a riot. We all went to a sports bar called Casey’s and ate lots of fried food. MMmmmMMMmm Good.

Yesterday, was Savannah day. Yesterday was also the coldest day of our entire trip. A lady working in Savannah told us they only get two days of real winter down here, and this was one of them. Hooray for us.

We bundled up and tried not to let it damper our spirits. We began with a hop-on-hop-off tour with the Historic Savannah company. Our tour guide, Jim, was a local, had owned a bed and breakfast, and knew everything about the city. He talked as if he was alive during the Civil War and gave us lots of facts and personal opinions, all delivered with true Southern Charm. He was friends with one of Paul Dean’s sons, and remembers being a regular at her first restaurant. He also remembers when Jim Williams was accused of murder and had lived through Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. I got to see the Mercer-Williams house, which I am quite happy about having one of my favourite books truly come to life.

We had lunch at the Goose Fathers Cafe, the original home of the whoopee pie!

Food was fresh, fast, affordable and deeeelicious!!

We stopped at the Telfer Museum and got to see the famous Bird Girl statue. We also went to the famous Savannah honey store, antique stores and of course, River Street. Our only disappointment was the weather and that we didn’t have more time. This is one city I cannot wait to return to.

As for today, we visited Harbour Town again and did some more shopping. The last day of a vacation is always a little sad. I am going to miss the sunshine and sweater/t-shirt weather. Big time.

Next, we played Pirate’s Island Mini Putt Putt!

It was a really neat course made up of two 18 hole courses, either over or under the waterfall.

Soon we are going for our last dinner on Hilton Head Island.  The last day is always the hardest, especially with the Canadian weather forecast in mind.  We are leaving at 4am tomorrow, and nobody’s looking forward to the drive.

We cannot thank Jane enough for inviting us to her sweet little condo and showing us the ropes.  I also want to shout out right now that she rents out this condo – so if you are looking for an amazing location and great rates on HH, please contact me and I will connect you with her!

Hope you have enjoyed my little travel edition on the ol’ blog log.  I sure have.

See you back in the real world.

I can hear the old Southern trees whisperin’ to me, “ya’ll come back now, ya hear!”

Oh, I hear.




















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