SC: Island Hopper

Day 5


Early in the morning, we made a break for it and headed for Daufuskie Island.   We hopped on a ferry that showed us the river view of Hilton Head Island, and all of the insanely large houses.  A highlight being the massive estate owned by the guy who invented the patent for the metal strip on the back of credit cards.  Let’s just say his boat parked out front is probably bigger than your house.  No joke.


On the island, we ate a buffet lunch that came included with our tickets at the Old Daufusckie Crab Company.  In the true Southern fashion, you had a choice of fried chicken, breaded pork chops, collard greens, macaroni and cheese, rolls, grits, corn, and beans.  Yes, you will notice crab was not one of the choices.  It was pretty disappointing considering the name of the restaurant and the pictures on the brochure, but the food included was still pretty good.  The atmosphere left much to be desired, but it is an island with very few vehicles, unless you count golf carts, so I guess you can’t have everything.

We picked up our map and six-person golf cart and headed to tour the place.

It feels very ghostly driving down the nearly deserted space.

Now, here are some FUN FACTS FOR YA:

It used to be inhabited by natives over ten thousand years ago, and then later, in the 1500’s, the Spanish inhabited it while it was part of Florida.  In the 1600’s, indigo and cotton plantations were started when the English gained ownership of South Carolina.  Eventually, during the Civil War, The Union took over and freed all the slaves, so the island became mainly populated by the Gullah people.  Because the island was so isolated, unlike the rest of South Carolina, the Gullah culture was left alive and they were able to keep up the old African traditions.


Actually, you don’t, because I’m not finished yet!

We stopped at the old school-house that is now a museum.

We also stopped at an old graveyard that is seriously creepy.

The unmarked graves were especially disturbing.

We also saw some really cool trees.  This oak is probably over 500 years old.

Next we headed into the marsh…  One of the most hidden treasures the island can offer…  Welcome to…


This place is quite the dive, and the bathrooms basically unusable; however, one bite of the Seafood Chowder and a sip of the signature Marshside Mamas, (featuring over 5 types of rum and, apparently, some juice too) I was sold.

Needless to say I would love to go back to Marshside Mama’s, and could see myself camping out for the weekend.

After more touring, we headed back for the boat trip back to Hilton Head.

And then, it was happy hour.

We went to the Old Oyster Factory, just about 5 minutes away from the marina.  $.50 cent oysters and jumbo shrimp and $1.50 off all drinks.

Martini’s and oysters and shrimp, oh my!

Holy moly what a spread!

At home, we played more Mexican Train with the others.   Later in the evening, Jane took Johnny, Brad and me to the XO Lounge at the Hilton, where we shared some cosmos while a band played some good rock and roll music.

Jane and I took our leave but left the boys who had some grand adventures that they can’t seem to recall clearly.  Hmmm…

‘Twas a grand adventure!

I would just like to shout out a big HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone!

I probably won’t have time to post until much later tomorrow or the next day because we are heading to Harbour Town where some are playing golf, and some are hittin’ up the shops and the famous Salty Dog Cafe.

See ya’ll in 2012!


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