SC: Seventeen & A Half Hours Later

We begin 17 and a half hours before South Carolina. Everyone has had a very Merry Christmas. It feels good to be on the road again. However, this is a very different trip from my last. Instead of embarking on a solo adventure, this is a good ol’ fashioned family vacation. My sister Olivia, Dad, Johnny, Jane and me are driving down together in a giant sized pick-up truck, and meeting up with Jane’s daughter Kate, Jarret and Brad, who flew to Jane’s condo at Hilton Head Island this morning.

It is with very full bellies that we set out at 2:30PM today (December 26, 2011); the rational being that we can make it to HH by 8AM to play golf. Yes, golf.

For those of you who don’t know, part of my family is golf obsessed. Me, not so golf obsessed. (I’m much more in the lines on clothing obsessed). I am writing this in the car as we go along, so you won’t get to read this until tomorrow morning. Please enjoy the chronicles that follow.

Buffalo in Buffalo

We crossed the boarder at Fort Erie with no problems, stopped at the Duty Free and picked up some liquor, notably, BAKON vodka (for Caesars, or Bloody Mary’s as they call ‘em in the US of A).

Bring on the BaKon

Dad has made us an array of sandwiches for the drive, all labeled with sticky notes as to the contents. And it’s a good thing too, because one label reads “peanut butter, banana, and cheese whiz.” Yummy!

Yes folks, I think that’s the kind of trip it’s going to be: a smorgasbord of nuts, bananas and lots of cheese.




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