Happy Friday Everyone!

For a lot of you out there (me too!), today probably marks the last day of work before the holidays.


I just wanted to let ya’ll know that my posts are about to take a little turn into a new topic…


Perhaps some of you followed my other blog, Hannahs in Europe, whell, From Dec 26-Jan 6(ish), I will be going on a family filled adventure to South Carolina!

Because I will only be gone for such a short amount of time, instead of creating a third blog, which would have been called “Hannahs in South Carolina,” I am just going to post about my experiences here.  Yippeee!

So I hope ya’ll won’t mind if I come back with a Southern accent.  It’s gon’ be fun.

…In the mean time, I hope you all have a FABULOUS holiday weekend.

Enjoy & Indulge & Have A Merry Christmas!


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