Sleeve Me Now

First off, I would like to say SORRY, for missing almost a full two weeks of blogging! My boss has been away so I was unable to play 😦

Back in business now.

Today, I want to explore the wonderful world of over-sized sleeves!


I think that big sleeves have become a big trend,

for good reason.

Concious Collection - Blouse - H&M - $34.95

My favourite way-to-wear is by far the handkerchief top.

The poncho-esque look flows away from the body, hiding imperfections; meanwhile looking positively boho-chic.

Drina - Bepop Rose Top - Guess - $98

However, for an event or night out, I love the idea of long flowing sleeves on a short flowing dress.

Paprika Bow Belt Chiffon Dress – – $58


This look can also be completely toned down for work-wear.

Combined Blouse - Zara - $49

Personally, I love the idea not only for its practicality as the cold weather begins to dominate our days,

or its complete versatility,

but mainly, because no matter how you wear it, the long, over-sized sleeve screams

vintage sophistication.


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