My Kingdom For A Chair

Slowly, I am redecorating the living room.

The hardest part about my particular living room is it’s small, oddly shaped, and has a slanted ceiling.  We call it the bat cave…

The shape and size don’t leave much room for improvement, but I am trying to change that with the decor.

An accent wall has been painted, a new TV purchased, and new shelving and couch are on the way as “hand-me-downs” when my Dad sells his house.

One other element that needs to be fixed is a large rocking chair that is dark brown, with a wooden frame that is in shabby condition.  We bought it at a thrift store for $20, and it has so much potential.  If I sand down and re-finish the frame, all it needs is some new upholstery… I’m thinking a fun and bright pattern to lighten up the “cave” room.

My chair is similar to the one below and it makes me really want to get started on my own project!

Again, I got the project from Design Sponge. They have the best “Before & After” projects!

I love when old furniture gets a second chance!


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