The Truth About Smarties

By Hannah Richards

A teenager’s life

is like a box of Smarties.

A colourful variety, yet more or less the same.

Usually they have a hard shell around them,

but when held too long in your hand,

they melt.

Making it out of the box,

can be a good or bad experience.

But the ones who make it out never return;

at least,

never return the same.

Some Smarties have pieces missing.

Chipped, cracked, or crumbled;

Do not toss them aside!

Sometimes it’s the odd ones

that taste the best.

Love between Smarties

comes and goes,

depending on how you shake the box.

While most of them get all mixed up,

there are a select few

that stick together forever.

But then again,

when you’re among Smarties,

there’s no such thing

as forever.

The truth about Smarties

is everyone secretly wants to be a red one.

(You eat the red ones last).

Cherish your Smarties

because before you know it

they’re gone.


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