Hello again costume lovers.

Welcome to the third day of my costume extravaganza!!

Here are our costumes from last year.

Danny & Sandy

The badass version – it’s just more fun! (not to mention easier).

“I got chills, they’re multiplyin’, and I’m loosin’ control.”

Again, we went for simplicity.

For Danny, he wore a tight plain black Tee from Walmart, and his Dad’s vintage black denim jeans and leather jacket.  We slicked his hair back with the greasiest gel we could find.

“Look at me, I’m Sandra-Dee, lousey with virginity.”

For Sandy, I wore a black off the shoulder Tee I already owned, just cut up slightly to make it further off the shoulder, liquid black leggings, a friends black belt, blonde curly wig from V-V, and vintage inspired polka-dot heals also from V-V.

“You’re the one that I want! O00h-o00h-oooh, honey!”

Classic hollywood film meets Halloween.  Fun costumes that kept me singing and dancing all night.

Look back tomorrow for this year’s costumes… I can’t wait to show you! 



As a continuation from yesterday, please enjoy our 2011 Halloween costumes!  Once again, we have to thank Value Village, or as I like to call it, the V-V Boutique, for most of the costume pieces.

Andy Warhol & Edie Sedgewick

Around this time last year, I became obsessed with the movie Factory Girl.

If people hadn’t seen the movie, they weren’t really sure what we were.  I think we made quite a cute pair anyway!

“Wasting money puts me in a real party mood.”

Isn’t he a cute blonde?

Andy Warhol is basic: striped high collar shirt, and plain khaki pants, if you’re blonde already, great.  If not, the blonde wig was only $10 from the V-V Boutique.  Finishing touch: sunglasses, found lying around the apartment.

“You’re the boss, applesauce.”

Edie Sedgwick is alllllll about the make-up.  A plain slightly oversized striped shirt, dance tights, and black 60s style heals.  I also found a great vintage coat that went to the floor with leopard print accents – perfect for bar hopping on a cold Hallows eve.  Johnny actually made my earings from an old necklace by bending the wires together.  I was also lucky because my hair cut happened to match hers… a wig works too.


“It takes a lot of work to figure out how to look so good.”

Again, pretty original costumes that are SO easy to put together.

Happy Halloweening 🙂

On a side note:

If you happen to be in Norfolk County this weekend, come out to Port Dover at The Brig.

From 9-10pm come see the debut performance of my new band, Wild Vines!

Opening for The Allnighters and Folk Heroes from Space.

It’s going to be a wild costume party – hope to see you there!!!


Halloween has always been my favourite holiday.

I love getting dressed on regular days, so getting into costume makes it extra-funtacular!

So, for this Halloween weekend, I want to share some of my previous costumes, and on Monday will debut my 2011 costume, which I think is going to turn out the best of all.

Now I said “my” costume, but I really should being saying “our”!

My wonderful boyfriend indulges me every year and lets me dress him up in anything to compliment my extravagant costume needs.

Halloween 2009

“This above all; to thine own self be true.”

Hamlet & Ophelia

Being a lover of Shakespeare, and an obbesssive Hamlet fan, I was thrilled when Johnny agreed to be my Hamlet!

Not everyone guessed what we were at first, but anyone who knows anything about Shakespeare and Hamlet can figure it out.  Works well as a couples costume (pretty orginal, I think) but you can make it work solo.

“Why, let the stricken deer go weep,
The hart ungalled play;
For some must watch, while some must sleep:
So runs the world away.”

“Alas, poor Yorick, I knew him Horatio.”

Hamlet is one of the easiest costumes to put together.  All black clothes, bought for extremely low prices at Value Village.  Nothing more than a little brown and black eye shadow to give him Hamlet’s self-deprecating attitude.  The cup with a skull on it came from the dollar store  – perfect match for the costume, and very practical for party use!

“There’s rosemary, that’s for remembrance; pray, love, remember: and there is pansies, that’s for thoughts.”

Ophelia is also a simple costume that is also easily put together.  I used an old scarf of my Mom’s with a flower print because it echos Ophelia’s speech (above) where the audience begins to realize she is insane, recalling types of flowers and their usage.  I made my face pale and used different blue eyeshadows to recall the image of her drowning in the river.  A silk/satin white nightgown completes the costume.

“This is the very ecstasy of love.”

And these are very excellent examples of last-minute costume ideas.  Perfect for the Shakespeare lover.  I think the tragedy goes well with the spirit of Halloween.

Check back tomorrow for another great couples costume idea!

Sleeve Me Now

First off, I would like to say SORRY, for missing almost a full two weeks of blogging! My boss has been away so I was unable to play 😦

Back in business now.

Today, I want to explore the wonderful world of over-sized sleeves!


I think that big sleeves have become a big trend,

for good reason.

Concious Collection - Blouse - H&M - $34.95

My favourite way-to-wear is by far the handkerchief top.

The poncho-esque look flows away from the body, hiding imperfections; meanwhile looking positively boho-chic.

Drina - Bepop Rose Top - Guess - $98

However, for an event or night out, I love the idea of long flowing sleeves on a short flowing dress.

Paprika Bow Belt Chiffon Dress – – $58


This look can also be completely toned down for work-wear.

Combined Blouse - Zara - $49

Personally, I love the idea not only for its practicality as the cold weather begins to dominate our days,

or its complete versatility,

but mainly, because no matter how you wear it, the long, over-sized sleeve screams

vintage sophistication.

Nothing Says Pumpkinfest Like…

Pulled Pork & Pumpkin Hummus!

I wouldn’t mix the two together, but they are both being served at my

Pumpkinfest Party!

Both recipes are so easy to make it’s almost unbelievable.


For the Pumpkin Hummus:

1 can chickpeas, drained and washed

Juice of one lemon

1/2 cup olive oil

2 cloves garlic, minced

1/4 cup water

3/4 cup canned pure pumpkin puree

Salt, cinnamon and cayenne pepper to taste

Blend all ingredients together with an immersion blender until smooth.

Garnish with more cayenne. Serve with pita chips or veggies of your choice.


Yummmy, and festive!

(Original recipe adapted from Food & Drink, Autumn 2011)


The hummus is good and all… but wait until you try this Pulled Pork:

Cut of pork of your choice (usually the cheapest you can find… mine is a boneless pork shoulder.)

1-2L Dr. Pepper (Coke/Pepsi/any dark pop will work)

BBQ Sauce (flavour of your choice, mine is an eclectic mix of what I found in the fridge.)

That’s it!

Place pork roast in a slow cooker set on Low.

Fill with 2 – 3 inches of Dr. Pepper.


Let sit for 4-8hrs (or overnight).

Pull apart with a fork, remove excess liquid.

Add enough BBQ sauce to coat meat and a titch more Dr. Pepper.

Let sit on Low or Keep Warm setting until ready to serve.

Add more BBQ sauce if you like and serve on buns with a cold beverage.

Happy Pumpkinfest my fellow Waterfordians!


The big P-Fest weekend has almost arrived.  Every year we hold a “Pumpkin Bowl” where the Waterford High School’s football team plays against another local high school team.

Personally, I think the version below looks much more fun!

Maybe that’s just me…


If you happen to be from Norfolk County, you will already know it has been a busy week!  With the Norfolk County Fair and Thanksgiving, getting a “good sleep” was not easy.  To make our schedules even more complicated, JR’s cousin got married this weekend.

We couldn’t have asked for better weather (espcially because the reception was outside!) I just thought I’d share our fabulous outfits for the occasion:

His: Pants & Jacket: Hurley; Top: Tommy Hilfiger; Shoes: Ipath; Sunglasses: Oakley.

Hers: Dress: Winners; Shoes: Elle; Tights: Steve Madden; Sunglasses: Joe Fresh; Bracelet: Forever 21.

Looking forward to Pumpkinfest this weekend, and Halloween in two weeks.  Hopefully I can share more pumpkin-filled creations before then.

What a great beginning to October!  What events are you looking forward to? And what are you wearing!?

My Kingdom For A Chair

Slowly, I am redecorating the living room.

The hardest part about my particular living room is it’s small, oddly shaped, and has a slanted ceiling.  We call it the bat cave…

The shape and size don’t leave much room for improvement, but I am trying to change that with the decor.

An accent wall has been painted, a new TV purchased, and new shelving and couch are on the way as “hand-me-downs” when my Dad sells his house.

One other element that needs to be fixed is a large rocking chair that is dark brown, with a wooden frame that is in shabby condition.  We bought it at a thrift store for $20, and it has so much potential.  If I sand down and re-finish the frame, all it needs is some new upholstery… I’m thinking a fun and bright pattern to lighten up the “cave” room.

My chair is similar to the one below and it makes me really want to get started on my own project!

Again, I got the project from Design Sponge. They have the best “Before & After” projects!

I love when old furniture gets a second chance!

The Truth About Smarties

By Hannah Richards

A teenager’s life

is like a box of Smarties.

A colourful variety, yet more or less the same.

Usually they have a hard shell around them,

but when held too long in your hand,

they melt.

Making it out of the box,

can be a good or bad experience.

But the ones who make it out never return;

at least,

never return the same.

Some Smarties have pieces missing.

Chipped, cracked, or crumbled;

Do not toss them aside!

Sometimes it’s the odd ones

that taste the best.

Love between Smarties

comes and goes,

depending on how you shake the box.

While most of them get all mixed up,

there are a select few

that stick together forever.

But then again,

when you’re among Smarties,

there’s no such thing

as forever.

The truth about Smarties

is everyone secretly wants to be a red one.

(You eat the red ones last).

Cherish your Smarties

because before you know it

they’re gone.

These Are My Cool Way

I discoverd this brand in Spain and am still regretting not buying a pair of pink combat boots that said “these are my cool way” on the back of them… *sigh*

Rock & Roll

Go Green

Do the Dance

My Cool Orange Way

Oh So Vintage

Party in the Backyard

Relax Attack

You can see more looks on the My Cool Way website, but those are my favourites from the Chica Lookbook.

PS.  If you live in Spain and want to ship any of the above items to me for free, do comment 😉